Kinesi Area

The Hotel Barrage Manager presents the new concept of the fitness area inside our Hotel: the Kinesi Area. Attentions for our guests and a watchful eye on their new needs have brought us to review the concept of the fitness area, updating it to the philosophy of well “being”.

The “Kinesi area”, which has been open to the public since 20th April 2015, follows the philosophy of the Accademia del Movimento that is born from the experience gained in the field of motor sciences and is based on the concept according to which the field of movement should not be rigid but studied and suited to each individual need:

  • posture and functional re-education;
  • weight loss (metabolic syndrome);
  • functional training;
  • sport.

The choice of the physical activity is always based on everyone’s different needs. Being able to move with awareness of one’s own body is fundamentally important. The benefits induced by aware movement are translated to a physical level (greater control of daily activities, best execution of sporting moves) and psychological level (improvement of mood and greater harmony with them).

Our services are conceived and designed for both our internal business and international clients, and for external clients.

For work experience and appointments organised by the Accademia del Movimento, our Chef has devised light menus, vegetarian choices and fast buffets.