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19 Jul

An invitation to the park of Miradolo Castle

An invitation to the park of Miradolo Castle

If you want to spend a relaxing weekend deep in the nature and the culture, just a short walk from Hotel Barrage, you can not miss a visit to the Miradolo Castle  and its magnificent park.

Visiting this amazing place is really easy, sure enough the castle is only 400 meters from the hotel and you will spend about 5 minutes to reach the entrance, you will go through the bridge over the Chisone stream that with the pour down of its waters in summer will make you realize that you are on the right track.

Even if the park is the most attractive part of the property, do not miss the main building that you will discover to be a noble country villa and not a castle, restored in 1866 in a Neo-Gothic style with its towers and ogival arches. Periodically this is a place animated by high-level exhibitions that make it a living cultural home more than ever.

Then you will find deep in the park, since 2007 included in the list of historic gardens protected by the Piedmont Region. You will immediately notice the vaguely oval shape of the park as you look at the large central lawn, surrounded by vegetation bushes with the typical romantic taste of the second half of the nineteenth century. You will walk among the examples of 1740 trees belonging to 70 different species, some of which are of great value, such as gingko biloba, tassodio, sequoia and a giant bamboo grove that is truly evocative.

At your sight the park is offered with all its wealth of vegetation that creates pleasant light effects in the half-light of the groves, with its irrigation channels that from time to time interrupt the green expanses, with its camellias and its spots of hortensias in flower that you can admire comfortably sitting on the benches. Also you are in an ideal spot at the crossroads between the valleys, the plains and the mountains where the pleasant climate has made this park an ideal habitat for many animal species.

During summer the park is animated with many events, especially this year, which is the tenth anniversary of its rebirth after the long period of abandonment. The park is narrated with new ideas and suggestions, offering a rich calendar of appointments between guided tour also nocturnal, appetizing picnics, outdoor cinema, tasty aperitifs and special workshops for the youngest.