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26 Oct

On the Apples Road of Pinerolo area

The Pinerolo area with its hills, mountains, plains, has always been a land of course ready for quality fruit production. Climate, good soil and irrigation systems over the centuries have allowed fruit production of excellence with orchards of many varieties that color Pinerolo and which led to the creation of the Apples Road of Pinerolo area to celebrate the fruit symbol of the area. symbol.

strada delle mele pineroleseWhat is the Apples Road?

In 2009, by the will of the local administrators, with the support of the Province of Turin and the ATL, the Apples Road was inaugurated: a 63 km route crossing 15 municipalities of the Pinerolese hill and plain area, touching a hundred of agricultural producers.

You will be fascinated by the warm autumn colors of orchards, the purity of the plowed land in winter, the spring blossoms and the scent of ripe fruit in the summer. You can taste fresh juices, fruit distillates and cider from over 40 varieties of apples.

The Apples Road paths

There are mainly three routes of the Apples Road: one crossing the plain, one hilly and one exploring the foothills. Everyone with his difficulty, his travel time, his itineraries, each with a different landscape.

Osasco, Macello, Garzigliana, Campiglione Fenile and Cavour are located on the plain in the south of Pinerolo, where you can admire the mount Monviso on the horizon. While from Bibiana, still flat, you will look towards Lusernetta, Luserna San Giovanni and Torre Pellice, characterized by the most animated streets and landscapes. Then the rhythm becomes more urgent on rises and slopes of the roads leading to Bricherasio and San Secondo. From here the route climbs between the woods of chestnut tree and beech tree to Prarostino, then return to Pinerolo, where you will find the branches for Frossasco and Cumiana.

strada delle mele pineroleseThe Apples Road by byke…

The Apples Road is perfect for cycling, along the marked streets bordering the silent orchards, in hilly and country setting, with low traffic flow and safe. It also intersects two former railroad tracks converted into bike paths: the Risorgive route connecting Moretta to Airasca, which in turn leads directly to Eurovelo8, and the Luserna Stone path from Bricherasio to Barge.

… and on horseback

The Apples Road also goes by on horseback, as the best Pinerolese tradition, on a pleasant and adventurous itinerary, through the forests and along the dirt roads, watching the Chisone stream. Every road, every bend, every tree and every old farm will tell you a different story, its personal history of excellence and particular beauty.


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