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9 Nov

The 5 most curious Pinerolo area museums and one “out-of-town”

Enter into a museum, walk through endless corridors and find so many beautiful works, yes, but… how boring! But not, because there are many strange, characteristic, curious museums in the world that will never bored you: in Zagreb, for example, there is the Museum of Broken Relationships, in Osaka the Museum of instant ramen and in Paris that of the sewers.

And in Pinerolo? Perhaps the Pinerolo museums will not be so bizarre, but they will surely know how to attract your curiosity and certainly will never get bored with their settings away from the common idea of paintings hanging on the walls. Then, there is also a surprise in Turin…

musei pinerolesiThe Taste Museum

Unique in Italy, in the historic center of Frossasco, to discover the typical products of the enogastronomy of the territory and beyond. The paths will guide you to discover the contemporary traditions of food and contemporary flavors. By exploring the senses through sensory posts, traveling in the history of food, learning new recipes with the School of Cooking that is here, you will not want to leave this tasteful building anymore.


musei pinerolesi

Mint and officinal plants Museum

The small agricultural center of Pancalieri is also called “grass island”, because here they grow 50% of the Italian officinal herb production and in particular the peppermint. Tradition began in 1865 when the mint was planted and distilled for the first time, till today that some twenty varieties have been cultivated, since 1926 when they accounted for 70 distilleries. The herbs, the first distillers, the recipes, the voices of the historical characters: here everything is green and extremely fragrant.


musei pinerolesiMines and Germanasca Valley Ecomuseum

In Germanasca Valley there is a special ecomuseum dedicated to visiting the richest talcum mine in Europe. “Scopriminiera” extends into the subsoil for 3.5 km and will allow you to know the Paola and Gianna mines, as well as to make you discover the life of the miners who worked here. On board the miners’ train before and on foot then you will be wrapped in a darkness interrupted only by the white talcum whip.


musei pinerolesiViticulture Museum

Among the hills of Prarostino appears this small and original museum that tells the work and its intelligence in the vineyard throughout the year. From the medieval tradition of the Pinerolo hills area, which was already rich in vineyards in 1200, such as the Nebbiolo and the precious Doux d’Henri, which is named in honor of Henry IV. History, tools and the best vintner tradition told in Italian but also in local dialect to find out what the bucket, the brenta and the press are about.


musei pinerolesiMuseumskirochon

Already the name is curious of this museum, housed in the Villa Widemann in San Germano Chisone, where the memory of the local Rochon company, which produced, between 1930 and 1960, woodworking equipment for skiers. Not only the processes of making skiing and their evolution, but also the origins and evolution of the practice of skiing as a sport and a means of trasportation, with particular reference to the development of the ski resort of Sestriere.


musei pinerolesiThe Fruit Museum… in Turin

1021 artificial plastic fruits shaped at the end of the eighteenth century by craftsman, artist and scientist Francesco Garnier Valletti, so detailed and thorough that they seem true. The reconstruction of a vintage analytical laboratory and a collection of apples, pears, peaches, apricots, grapes and plums that are so perfect in all their imperfections (with dents and defects faithfully reproduced) that doubt will arise spontaneously: but are they reproductions or are they real?


Did you want to find out all these curiosities? Then become our guests now!

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