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19 Jan

The 7 typical Piedmont products of Pinerolo and its valleys

Winter always brings with it a bit of laziness, but it is the best season to dedicate yourself to a food and wine weekend. Piedmont and Pinerolo in particular are areas that you can not miss when you think about specialties and delicacies. We are then ready to illustrate the 7 typical Piedmontese products that you should absolutely taste in our beautiful city.

prodotti tipici piemontesiThe Cavour apples

The lands of the area of Cavour that extend all around the Rocca are ideal for the development of a flourishing apple plantation that has become a symbol of the entire region and that every year finds its highest expression in the great event “Tuttomele“, the inevitable autumn appointment of area. Golden Delicious, Starking and Renetta are the most famous varieties used for the preparation of desserts of all kinds and not only (the apple in the Piedmontese variety of fried is a real treat!).

prodotti tipici piemontesi

The Pancalieri mint

50% of the entire production of medicinal herbs in Italy, and in particular that of peppermint, comes from this town near Pinerolo, nicknamed for this “Isle of Grass”. From the distillation of this fine mint you get an essential oil defined by the experts as the best in the world: its fragrance and taste are truly unique. Do not miss the museum dedicated entirely to this herb that will envelop you with its freshness even during the tasting of the typical liqueur produced with mint.

prodotti tipici piemontesiThe Talucco tomino and the seirass del fen

Cheeses are certainly one of the best products of the Pinerolo area. A small village nestled in the hills of Pinerolo produces a goat’s milk tomino cheese, highly appreciated both in the fresh version and in the seasoned version, with a strong and decisive flavor. While in the high valleys, in particular Pellice, Chisone and Germanasca, the seirass is prepared: a mountain ricotta cheese whose forms are then wrapped in the mountain pasture hay and tasted accompanied by honey or jams.

prodotti tipici piemontesi                         
The Pinerolese DOC Doux d’Henry wine

The Pinerolo area is also a land rich in vineyards and as early as the thirteenth century wines such as Nebbiolo and the prized Doux d’Henry were produced. Named in honor of the French king Henry IV, who during a visit to Pinerolo for the signature of an agreement, he tasted this lovable rose wine which he enjoyed very much.

prodotti tipici piemontesiThe Mustardela of Waldensian valleys

This is a poor salami, a black pudding, typical of the Occitan tradition, born to reuse all parts of the pig, flavored with onions, leeks, spices and sometimes with red wine. It looks like a sort of aubergine colored sausage, soft and pasty with a vaguely bittersweet, spicy and certainly intense flavor. In the respect of the poor tradition we eat simply boiled, accompanied by polenta or mashed potatoes.


prodotti tipici piemontesiThe genepy

After tasting all the specialties we have suggested there is nothing better than a typical liqueur of our mountains. The genepy is a grass that grows only between 2000 and 2500 meters with marked digestive properties. To enjoy the distillate produced according to the original recipe Albergian is the right company: the whole plant smells of mountain herbs, so that you will feel like you are at high altitude.


Are we managed to awaken your taste buds and do you want to taste these delicacies too? Then you immediately become our guests!

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