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Nature and Sport


A quarter of an hour from the hotel, no cages and wires, just bushes and water tubs. This bio-park was created with the aim of allowing animals to be protected and learnt about, preserving and defending species at risk, supporting research and looking into environmental topics. A journey through 180,000 square metres of nature to learn about and see it.

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In the middle of lush vegetation opposite the hotel, the Atlantis water park offers clients the possibility of spending days full of adventure, sun and water for both adults and children alike. The Lostworld Park lies behind the swimming pools, where children can discover the large reptiles that dominated our planet while playing and learning in activities that are organised on a daily basis.

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Scopriminiera was opened in 1998 to optimise the wonderful mining heritage in the Val Germanasca that is no longer operational. Located in the heart of Valli Valdesi and Occitane about 40 minutes from the hotel, the Eco-museum has a wide-ranging programme of activities, starting with a trip into the underground paths of the Paola and Gianna mines.

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ForteFenestrelle_HotelBarrageFENESTRELLE FORTRESS

More commonly known as the “armed giant”, the Fenestrelle Fortress comprises three fortified complexes, joined together by a tunnel that includes the longest staircase in Europe with its more than 4000 steps. Several types of guided tour are available, with numerous events organised to discover and conjure up the history of the largest mountain fort in Europe.

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